Some People

Walk 2 Revenge Of The Blisters

The awareness raising continues...

Carers And Caring

My Family And Other Animals


Limitations following brain injury

Medicals And Official Ignorance

The trials and tribulations of proving you're ill

Sensory Overload (Aaarrgghh!)

It was a long old road...

The Face Of Brain Injury (With Dee Snider)

Brain Damage: Happy?


or lack of...

Brain Damaged Baron And The Seven-ish Dwarves

A Fairy Tale, of sorts...

Let's Talk About Sex (Or try to)

On my arse...




It's in there, somewhere...

The Fog

Brain injured haze...

I'm Fine?

The truth behind the lie...

The PIP Scandal

The inevitable descent into homelessness

Defining Me

Refusing to be defined by illness...